Man behind the Munchies

Meet the chef

Founder of "Munchie Boy's" Daniel Guzman working in his local community.

Founder and Owner of "Munchie Boy's" Daniel Guzman. Long time lover of all things food has put his heart and knowledge into a great work of art. "Owning a food establishment has been a long dream of mine. I cant wait to share a part of my soul with my community."  -Daniel Guzman

We are bringing the love of munchies back! You can expect to find freshly smoked brisket in most of your favorite munchies.

"Munchie Boy's" sous chef Marysol Guzman, Following in the shadow of her father. 

We have a wonderful team behind us. One with an honoring mention our sous chef Marysol Guzman. Daughter of founder Daniel Guzman, is working under her father as a pristine right hand woman. Together making a super human team!

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